John Hancock

Chief Instructor: Kendo 5 dan, Iai-do 3 dan

Hancock sensei started practicing Kendo in 1986 with Sakano Sensei at Mt. View Dojo in California for a few months. Then moved to Millilani Dojo with James Oka Sensei in Hawaii from 1986- 1996, and also studied Muso Shinden Ryu Iai with Akagi Sensei in 1996 and continued for several years. After moving to Oregon, he has practiced at Obukan with Stroud Sensei. Since 2004, he is the Obukan Chief Instructor. He teaches Kendo and Iai-do.

Motoya Nakamura

Instructor: Kendo 5 dan

Nakamura sensei started practicing Kendo in Nagoya, Japan and continued for six years. After moving to the U.S., he practiced for six years in Virginia. In Oregon, he has been one of the instructors at Obukan.

Chris Tilt

President: Kendo 4 dan

Tilt sensei started kendo under Stroud sensei at Obukan in 1995 and has also been a member at Ren Ma and Portland Kendo Clubs.

Steven Uchida

Instructor: Kendo 4 dan

Uchida sensei began his kendo journey at age 12 at Gardena Kendo Club in Gardena, California. He moved to Oregon in 1991 where he joined Obukan under Robert Stroud sensei. After co-founding RenMa Dojo in Portland, he’s back at Obukan with a focus on beginners to “Train hard and have fun!”

Daniel Anzai

Assistant Instructor, Vice-President: Kendo 3 dan

Daniel started practicing Kendo in Hawaii in 2004. He has practiced at Kenshikan Kendo Club (Honolulu, HI) and at the Kendo Club at UW (Seattle, WA). Currently he teaches the beginners class.