Joining Obukan


If you are new to kendo and would like to join, please visit the beginners class page.

If you are currently practicing kendo at another dojo, and would like to join the Obukan Kendo Club, please print and fill out the applications forms below, and bring them with you to practice (fee information is included). Please contact our President so we can provide you with further information.

Club Fees

Due to the uncertainty introduced by the global health pandemic the club is collecting fees only on a monthly basis at this time but doing so at what was the quarterly rate.

Fee Schedule Monthly
Adults (18 yrs and up) $35.00
Juniors (through 17 yrs) $27.00
Families (2 or more) $57.00

Membership Application/Renewal Form

2022 Obukan Membership Application/Renewal Form

Once accepted please visit our Membership Subscription to setup your dues payments.

AUSKF/PNKF Membership

Obukan members must also register with AUSKF/PNKF here and sign the waiver online.


Regular members are expected to provide their own equipment. This mainly includes:

  • Shinai: $20-$50. Your first shinai is provided via the beginner’s class. With proper maintenance and striking a shinai can last for several years.
  • Bokuto: $25-$50. This is the wooden practice sword used in kata practice and is provided with the intermediate class fee. Bokuto need to be replaced very rarely.
  • Hakama & Keikogi: $100-$200. This is your uniform and is required for students who have completed the intermediate course.
  • Bogu: $400+. This is your kendo armor. Although it is quite expensive, your bogu should last you around ten years with proper care.