Online Beginners Class

These are challenging times. While we all look forward to moving back to in-person Kendo training in a safe environment Obukan Kendo Club is offering an 8-week on-line Introduction to Kendo course.


This class is offered from 5:50-6:50p.m. over 8-weeks on Friday evenings with a tentative start date of March 5, 2021.

Kendo Equipment

For class you will need a shinai or bokuto. If you need some, we have some advice on buying a shinai

Communication Equipment

To participate you’ll need a computer, phone or tablet that can run the Zoom software and a network connection. We recommend having a device with a camera that you can point at yourself so the sensei can provide feedback and a screen large enough to be seen at a distance longer than the reach of your arms and the shinai. Kendo involves swinging the shinai and we don’t want you hitting your electronic devices.



  • $20 for the full 8-week course

Curriculum outline

  • Introduction, orientation and greetings. Intro to standing bow, targets and holding shinai or bokuto.
  • Basic footwork, swinging for men target.
  • Review of basic swinging and footwork. Introduce kote target. Distance work.
  • Fumi komi (foot stomping) and “ki-ken-tai-ichi” with okuri ashi (sliding footwork).
  • Review basics. Add do hit.
  • Review basics. Sayu-men.
  • Review basics. Tai-atari and hiki-men
  • Intro to hitting practice. Review basic footwork.
  • Uchi komi review (coordinating target hitting and footwork).
  • Kirikaeshi. Graduation.